Emeralds - Yp2.1

Youth Prep Level 2.1 Competition Team (Ages 7-11)

Training times - Monday 19:00-20:00 (Tumble) and Saturday 08:00-10:00

Our Youth Prep Level 2.1 competitive team are working on harder Level 2 stunts, while keeping level 1 tumbles.

Athletes will learn the basics in Level 2 stunting, jumps, Level 1 tumble and dance, which will be choreographed into a 2 minute competition routine.

Once athletes have mastered the basics, we will then work with them to build more complex skills.

All athletes will work toward developing their Level 2 tumbles (Standing and running flicks) over the 2023-2024 Season.

This team competes four times over the season.

Training Uniform (Compulsory):

Emeralds Team Scrunchie

An official Platinum Top

Plain Black Shorts/ Leggings

Competition Uniform (Compulsory):

Emeralds Tailless Competition Bow

Competition Crop and Skort with block convertor

Black Cheer Shoes/ Black trainer socks